Atkinson Grimshaw

We have been getting messy and creative in art this week! We looked at a new artist called Atkinson Grimshaw who is famous for painting northern buildings in night light. We found out that his style of art focuses on darkness, house lights, gas lamps and reflections and shadows. We couldn’t wait to have a go for ourselves! We drew some back to back houses of Leeds and used Atkinson Grimshaws style of art to add colour, what do you think?

3 thoughts on “Atkinson Grimshaw

  1. I love your art work year 2! It’s fantastic. Keep up the great work! Miss Cooke 🙂

  2. Wow, there are some fantastic drawings done by all and the use of warm colours, well done class.

  3. Hi Y2.
    I have a story about John Atkinson Grimshaw that I think you’ll want to hear. His beautiful paintings helped to save some trees from being chopped down in the wood where Elvis takes his morning walks. Let me know if you want to know how it happened.

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