This week our value is Democracy. We were all given a class coin which represented ‘our voice’ and ‘our say.’ We thought about all the achievements Captain Cook had made during his three brilliant voyages. Using ‘our says’ we decided to vote for which achievement was his greatest.

After we all had our ‘say,’ we counted the coins to see which three achievements were most successful. Using these three, we went again and had our say to decide the final three most greatest achievements of Captain Cook.

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The results were

Third place – Finding the North West Passage.

Second place – Meeting the Maori Chiefs.

First place – Drawing incredibly accurate maps of his travels and making them public.

We really enjoyed our class democracy activity. It taught us that we are all entitled to our say and that we all say different things.We have  the right to express our say and that we all respect the different opinions we have.

What a great value to explore! Thank you year 2!

I wonder what we may vote on this week….