Leeds Grand Mosque

This week we were lucky enough to venture off andΒ visit Leeds Grand Mosque. We had such a fabulous time and found out so many new and fascinating things about Islam, we heard the call to prayer, saw how muslims pray and learnt all about how similar it is to Christianity and Judaism. We looked at the Quran in different languages and heard about the history of how it was written. it really was such a lovely morning. All the children were a credit to our school and their behaviors was noticed by all adults around. We can’t wait to go again!


Thank you to all the parents and grandparents to gave up their time to join us for our visit. We hope you enjoyed it just as much as we did!


miss Bell x πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Hidden sugars in drinks…

Today we looked at some of our favourite drinks, we began to think about why they are so tasty and decided that the sugar made them so lovely to drink. We then talked about the effects of sugar.at first we predicted which drink we thought contained the most amount of sugar and ordered them …


we we were then given the sugar in bags for each drink and in groups, we used the weights and measuring scales to work out how much sugar there actually is. We researched that a child should have only 24g of sugar in a day so we’re very shocked to find that most of the drinks contained way more than this!!!


what an interesting lessons! We finished by thinking about what we could do with the information to improve our health. Some of us have decided to make the bottle of coke last a week or instead of drinking the full bottle, share it with a sibling.


Thank you for so much fun!


Miss Bell 😊😊

Class read… Fantastic Mr Fox

We are enjoying our class novel SO MUCH that we decided to use it as inspiration for our writing today. We looked Β at the paragraph from the chapter the terrible shovels and found evidence that tells us how the foxes were feeling. We were great detectives and found lots of evidence that we used to think about what it must mean, well done πŸ‘2SB


Miss Bell x

Writing playscripts

This week we’ve been looking at writing playscripts. We’ve used the traditional stories of jack and Jill and jack and the beanstalk to explore the speech used between the characters. We then wrote up a scene from jack and the beanstalk including all efeatures of a playscript:

– cast list

– setting description and scene details

– name of scene

– character in margin

– :

– stage directions in brackets ( )


Ethan’s talk on Independence Day

Ethan swapped chairs for the teaching chair this morning and spoke to us all about the history of Independnece day! Thank you Ethan! πŸ˜€

Our observational drawings of Saltaire Bandstand

Year 2 Non negotiables…

Please do take some time to look at the year 2 non negotiables… these are what we must know confidently and independently by the end of the year. I wonder which ones you will practise over the holidays!

Good Luck year 2!

Keep me updated with how you get on!


Happy Holidays!

Miss Bell xx☺☺


Year 2

Reading challenge…

Here are some passages for you to read at home with an adult. You might even want to use some of our guided reading games to help you improve your pace and fluency …

πŸ‘ jump in

πŸ‘ mirror read

πŸ‘ echo sentence

πŸ‘ echo paragraph

Ask an adult to time you and see how many words you can read in a minute. Can you beat your score?

Let me know how you get on using the comment box below!!

Good luck!

From Miss Bell x


60 words a minute challenge…
IMG_4437 IMG_4438

End of year two challenge of 90’words a minute …

IMG_4440 IMG_4441 IMG_4442

Now challenge yourself to 100 words a minute! How exciting!



IMG_4444 IMG_4445


Can you retell the story of this famous dog? Write some sentences you would use below and collect your housepoints back in class!


πŸ‘ Openers (Suddenly, As minutes passed)

πŸ‘ Noun phrases (midnight sky full of twinkly, shooting stars that where dazzling like diamonds)

πŸ‘ Conjunctions (because, so, but, when, with, yet)

3 x table challenge!

Let me know which facts you know using the comment box and collect your house points after the holidays! Good luck, Miss Bell xWhy not surprise yourself and try and learn your three times tables for when we return after half term. Special prizes are to be won from the treasure bixes for those that can complete 3x multiplication and division questions ! I know some of you have already started practicing so I best bet to the shops and fill those treasure boxes up with new prizes!


Good Luck 2SB… remember to keep me updated with how you’re getting on in the comment boxes below!


From Miss Bell x