Can you retell the story of this famous dog? Write some sentences you would use below and collect your housepoints back in class!


👍 Openers (Suddenly, As minutes passed)

👍 Noun phrases (midnight sky full of twinkly, shooting stars that where dazzling like diamonds)

👍 Conjunctions (because, so, but, when, with, yet)

3 x table challenge!

Let me know which facts you know using the comment box and collect your house points after the holidays! Good luck, Miss Bell xWhy not surprise yourself and try and learn your three times tables for when we return after half term. Special prizes are to be won from the treasure bixes for those that can complete 3x multiplication and division questions ! I know some of you have already started practicing so I best bet to the shops and fill those treasure boxes up with new prizes!


Good Luck 2SB… remember to keep me updated with how you’re getting on in the comment boxes below!


From Miss Bell x

Maths week

Off we went to the ICT suite where we spent some time on different maths games developing our all important fluency nod mental strategies. We had so much fun in some breakdown new games…

Here are some links for you to have a go at home over the holidays !  

Addition –

Subtraction –

Multiplication and division –

Fluency with number facts –

Maths challenge…

This week we have been learning about odd and even numbers. We found the challenge using place value quite tricky. Please have a look at the challenge below.. if you can solve it, comment below and collect your house points from me on Monday!

Good luck…


odd and even challenge

If you can complete it can you try another example using three of your own numbers?


Happy weekend 2SB!

Love Miss Bell x


This week our value is Democracy. We were all given a class coin which represented ‘our voice’ and ‘our say.’ We thought about all the achievements Captain Cook had made during his three brilliant voyages. Using ‘our says’ we decided to vote for which achievement was his greatest.

After we all had our ‘say,’ we counted the coins to see which three achievements were most successful. Using these three, we went again and had our say to decide the final three most greatest achievements of Captain Cook.

IMG_0451%5b1%5d IMG_0452%5b1%5d IMG_0453%5b1%5d IMG_0454%5b1%5d

The results were

Third place – Finding the North West Passage.

Second place – Meeting the Maori Chiefs.

First place – Drawing incredibly accurate maps of his travels and making them public.

We really enjoyed our class democracy activity. It taught us that we are all entitled to our say and that we all say different things.We have  the right to express our say and that we all respect the different opinions we have.

What a great value to explore! Thank you year 2!

I wonder what we may vote on this week….


Sorting animals into their habitats

We began our brand new topic today all about habitats. We realized that we didn’t know much so wrote many questions down that we would like to find out during this scientific topic….


we then played hot potato and sorted the animals into their correct habitat group. It was so much fun! What a busy Friday!


Matthew Cussick

we looked at the artist Matthew Cussick and saw how he used maps and atlases to create collage pictures. We had a go for ourselves and Mae the ocean waves Cook travelled on during his voyage of discovery.

Have a a look to see how we got on…

Values newsletter

Dear parents and carers,

Did you know that every two weeks a parents Values newsletter is added to the school’s website to help keep you informed about the values that we are doing in school? The values come from the “fruits of spirit” in the Bible (Galatians 5:22-23) and also from the Fundamental British Values that schools are required to promote. We hope you enjoy reading these newsletters together as a family and make time to have a family discussion about these to compliment the children’s learning in school.

Miss Mason