Caught showing 5!

Hocus Pocus… Everybody Focus!

Showing five is important to show in class… It helps us with our learning. This week I have been keeping my eye out for Children in 2SB who can show five smartly and quickly in class… Well done Sophie, Ava, Gagendeep, Liam and Benjamin! Spot on!


Who can remember the five ?

8 thoughts on “Caught showing 5!

  1. Well done everybody for showing five keep it up from ellis

  2. Thank you Chloe! You are always fantastic at showing 5 in year 2! Thank you!

    Miss Bell

  3. I want to tell you what the 5 are!

    Eyes looking
    lips locked
    hands tidy
    feet tidy
    ears listening
    Chloe xx

  4. Gagandeep like singing and math and show 5! he likes playing with Liam and vevik

    • Fantastic ! Gagendeep certainly understands how to show five in class!

  5. Liam is very enthusiastic about signing while sounding out words , it has been very helpful to his learning.

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