Magic Box…

magic box

This week in writing club, the children and parents were very busy creating some magical and very imaginative poems based on the poem ‘Magic Box’ by Kit Wright.

They are truly beautiful and very special. I loved reading them and I’m sure you will do to.

Well done to Sophie and Olivia.

My magic box by Olivia and Mummy

I will put in my box…
A kiss from my bear
A bark from my dog
A cuddle from my sister

I will put in my box…
A coffee in a cup
A well read book
A comfy pair of slippers

I will put into my box…
A talking hamster
A fish on a bike
A princess with a bone and
a dog with a crown

My box is made from…
Diamonds and glass
with sun beams on the lid
Its hinges are ice cream
We will ride on the back of a dragon to busy London and go to Harry Potter Land.

My magic box by Sophie and Mummy

I will put in my box…
My cube shopkins
facts from my tablet
a fluffy teddy

I will put into the box
A kiss and a squish form my daughter
A cuddle and snuggle from my son
A massive chocolate bar

I will put into the box…
A shiny red toothbrush
A suitcase with wheels
A lovely pink hairbrush

I will put into the box…
A horse on two legs and an upside down house
A tooth fairy with a banana
and a monkey with a tooth

My box is made out of gold and jewels
with fossils on the lid
and tooth fairy teeth for hinges.

We will fly in my box
in a jumbo plane
to a far away place
called Disney Land.